All boat tours in Menorca are spectacular. From Mahón there are two possible routes to choose from for sailing. The North Route and the South Route. Depending on the conditions of the day and your preferences, you can choose one or the other route. On the southern route you will find a warmer landscape, whiter sands and clearer waters. The north is characterized by a wilder and darker landscape. It is less populated and the beaches are more virgin. Both options are perfect to visit with your rental boat. DISCOVER THEM HERE!


The Northern Route, the best option to look for tranquility and pure nature. It will not leave you indifferent, it has a special landscape.

Leaving the emblematic Port of Mahon, just past the two beacons of the exit channel to the North, we recommend to reach the area of Addaya or far away Fornells, more than enough to spend the day visiting the North-East of Menorca.

Our favorite beaches of the Northern Route:

Es Grau

Sailing north we find Es Grau, a beautiful fishing village with white houses and lots of charm. In the village we also find the beach d'es Grau, a very sheltered area.

Illa den Colom - Menorca

Illa d'en Colom

Just in front of the bay of es Grau we find the spectacular Illa d'en Colom, one of the most paradisiacal places in Menorca. Without a doubt, this island is an obligatory stop. On the island there are two spectacular unspoiled beaches. It is totally forbidden to anchor in poseidonia, you will find anchoring buoys.

Cala Tortuga2 Menorca

Tortuga Cove

If we continue heading north, past the Isla d'en Colom but before reaching the lighthouse, we find Cala Tortuga, very famous in Menorca, a beautiful unspoiled beach, sandy but rocky bottom.

Presili Cove

Incredible virgin beach the last one before arriving at the Faváritx lighthouse, sheltered and very calm, rocky bottom. Next to Cala Tortuga a beach that is well worth a visit, you will be surprised by the transparency of its waters.

Faváritx Lighthouse

We pass in front of the Faváritx lighthouse, one of the most famous on the island and beautiful to see from the sea. Behind the lighthouse, if the sea is calm, there is a nice spot to stop. Be careful with the rocks at the bottom!

Cala Enclusa Menorca

Enclusa Cove and Mongofre

These virgin beaches are found just past Faváritx and just before reaching the natural harbor of Addaya. Beautiful and very quiet due to their difficult access from land.


If you wish to visit the south coast, you can enjoy a much warmer landscape, clearer sands and crystal clear waters.

It is a more urbanized area than the north, in the part closer to Mahón we can find a landscape composed of small coves with houses and fishing villages, a very typical Menorcan landscape. As we move away we find more touristic areas and beaches with larger sandy areas such as the beaches of Santo Tomas, Son Bou or Binigaus.

Our favorite beaches of the Southern Route:

Rafalet Cove

Small corner that we found before arriving to Salgar. A very small and narrow beach but with a lot of charm, at the entrance we find a cave that with great care we can look out with the boat.

menorca barcos


A charming little fishing village with a sandy beach at the end, an ideal place to make a first stop with our boat. Just to the right we will find Calo Roig. Very little overcrowded area.

Illa Aire Menorca

Punta Prima Beach

Arriving at the southern end we find the beach of Punta Prima characterized by a turquoise blue color of the most intense, incredible crystal clear waters. Just ahead we find the Isla del Aire that the blue water and the lighthouse of the island make an idyllic landscape.

punta prima Menorca

Binibeca Beach

Right next to the beautiful village of Binibeca. The beach usually has many boats anchored in summer, but it is a perfect place to anchor very sheltered and sandy bottom.

binidali Menorca


Highly recommended stop at this beach. It is a corner with a very special charm. Crystal clear waters, beautiful houses on its cliffs and the green of the pine trees make the ideal landscape. Perfect for a quiet swim, in the middle of summer there are usually many boats and the cove is narrow.


Just the next cove of Biniparratx, characterized by a beautiful turquoise blue, the cove is very small. Attention is marked, be careful with the swimmers in the area.

coves Menorca

Cales Coves

One of the most famous in the area. A cove you have to visit. Very sheltered due to its shape, in its cliffs we find curious caves formerly inhabited. The mixture of the color of its waters between green and blue is unique.

Cala'n Porter

Beach well known for the famous local "la Cova d'en Xoroi" that we will see in its cliff. The beach is sandy and turquoise blue, wide and easy to anchor. At this point we would recommend the end of the route in the southeast of Menorca.