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mapa menorca rutas

In Merak Charter always we try to advise you choose the best route and the most fitting for you.

It is important to always take into account the weather forecast, because according to this you can enjoy the coast north or the south.


North route

nord ruta

If the day comes north to exit our recommendation is to approach the areas’Abufera des Grau y l’Illa d’en Colom, a beautiful and very protected for a stopover and a first bath room. You can anchor without problem near the island, it is a pair of coves.

sabuferailla den colom

If we continue further north we find Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga , two beautiful unspoilt beaches sonde you can enjoy a wild landscape.


If the day comes and the sea is quiet a good place to visit coves are also found past the cap Favàritx, where it is Cala Enclusa the other.

* With small motor 420 Astec not recommend spending the cap Favàritx, as they have a more limited range.